Stocks to Invest in December 2018

As we enter the month of December 2018, there have been slight changes in my stock market trading venture. Compared from my last month's top 10 best stocks to buy, I have decided to sell my stocks on CSCO and will be investing on AMZN.

Stocks to Buy in December 2018

I have been following this video from YouTube about the best stock market to invest in 2018 and it has given quite positive results in my stock trading venture.

Best Stocks for Beginners in 2018

From the video, MSFT is one of the best stock to invest in 2018. Here are my top 10 best stocks to invest this December 2018.

Strong Buy

Before deciding on investing in the stock market, you may want to read more about the introduction to market analysis to help you understand on market fluctuation and how it can quickly change in stock trading.